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 Stereo LS + Amp

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Born To Lose

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PostSubject: Stereo LS + Amp   Wed May 02, 2012 2:13 pm

here´s my recommendation for brilliant + High End sound + low costs = oldschool equipment.
this dreamteam can play everything,
low + loud,smooth + hard,acoustic + deathmetal,whatever u want + need in perfect sound quality...

I own exactley this equipment,so I know,what I´m talking about..


Denon DRA 435 R (Reviever + Remote Control) (1985)
2 x 80 Watt to 4 Ohm
Variable Loudness
Bass EQ

Ebay price in germoney,in perfect condition (like this here) 90-100 €


Canton Quinto 540 (no bassreflex!!!)
Year of construction: 1981
Manufactured in: Germany
Color: Black, White, Walnut (these are mine) + Oak
Dimensions: 340 x 570 x 315 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 16 Kg
Original price: 1500, - DM / pair

Configuration: 3-way closed, compact speaker
Woofer: 31 cm
Midrange: 3.8cm dome
Tweeter: 2 cm dome
Handling: 100/150 W (Nom)
Frequency response: 22 - 30,000 Hz
Transition Areas: 800/3500 Hz
Impedance: 4 - 8 ohm

Ebay price in germoney,in perfect condiotin (like this here) 150 €

an incerdible soundsystem,for around 250€ !!!
longlife music enjoyment in highest manufactored quality.
fuck digital + dolby surround + subwoofers...
Warning: you can tear down your house + you need tolerant neighbors,lol
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Stereo LS + Amp
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