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 Programmable Tattoo System

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PostSubject: Programmable Tattoo System   Sat May 19, 2012 2:14 am

There's no arguing it: cool tattoos are cool. But some of us aren't ready to let another human being repeatedly pierce our flesh with a needle and permanently inject it with ink, when we aren't 100% sure we're going to be as passionate about zombie bunnies 20 years from now as we are today. This is where the moodINQ Tattoo System finds its niche.

MoodINQ gives those who are certain they want a tattoo, but are waffling on the "of what" part, the opportunity to get inked with one design, and then magically change it to another as the urge arises. So what begins as a skull & crossbones can instantly shift to a tribal sign with the wave of moodINQ's special wand over its surgically implanted E ink canvas.

More specifically, moodINQ jives as follows. The good people at Think Geek partnered with leading physicians and technicians in the cosmetic surgery industry to derive and implant an E-ink grid, or canvas. Canvases are primed for anywhere on the human exterior, and are appropriately sized and shaped to the body part implantees would like to ink. After a short healing period (usually 2 to 3 days), the newly tattooed can begin using their included moodINQ software to turn epidermal canvases into a sort of digital picture frame, rotating from one striking image to the next.

How many people do you know who regret their tattoo? You grow up, you dump (or get dumped), or maybe you picked a tattoo "artist" that learned their craft in prison using ballpoint pens and a sharpened paper clip. At that point, your choices are: deal with it, get it covered up, or get shot with lasers to take it off. And nobody wants to go for a job interview only to be given the evil eye because you're a little more inked than the current employees! Body modification discrimination is a sad fact of life.

What do you do when you want a tattoo but don't want the commitment of permanent ink? The moodInq system is a breakthrough in tattoo technology, using a skin-safe proprietary E ink encapsulated pigment system that lasts a lifetime but can be configured to display any design (or none!) to suit your mood. So how does it work? We have partnered with leading physicians and technicians in the cosmetic surgery industry to implant the E ink grid, called a canvas. The canvas can go anywhere on your body and be configured to the size and shape of the body party you'd like to ink. After a short healing period (usually 2-3 days), you can begin using the moodInq software included with your kit to change your canvas to display the tattoo you desire!

(Important Note: What you are buying here is the moodInq Wand, software, and a 2-year membership to moodInq's tattoo art database. Your kit will come with a list of participating cosmetic surgery clinics. Tattoo canvas implantation prices vary by provider and canvas surface area desired.)

Once the implantation process is complete, changing your tattoo is easy and quick with the moodInq Wand. Just fire up the tattoo design software and choose your design from our database of over 100,000 tattoo designs. Resize, flip and crop your images, add text, or even upload your own designs. Plug in the wand to your computer via USB and simply run the wand over the canvas to configure the E Ink capsules in the canvas to display your chosen design. The design will remain exactly the same until the next time you use the wand or in the rare case of a large electric shock or massive EMF disruption.

The uses of a moodInq tattoo are endless. Going home to visit Mom & Dad? Run the wand over your lower back and remove that "tramp stamp" your parents forbid you to get. Need to impress a hot date? Prove you're a man with family values when you show up with your MOM tattoo. Need a green way to keep a grocery list or note to self? Tattoo it on your arm! Are you good enough, smart enough, and gosh-darn-it-people-like-you? Tattoo your favorite affirmations and get through those rough days with ease. The moodInq lets you change your tattoo to suit your mood!

Product Specifications
• Proprietary E Ink programmable tattoo can be changed at will
• Great for those who don't want to commit to permanent ink
• Three steps:
◦ Have E ink canvas implanted (through our partners in the cosmetic surgery industry)
◦ Choose or design your preferred artwork
◦ Run the moodInq Wand over the canvas - your tattoo appears!
• Your tattoo can be changed to any design in the moodInq database or with custom art
• Upload your own black & white or greyscale files: jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp, ai, eps, and pdf
• moodInq tattoos can even simulate greyscale using halftones
• IMPORTANT NOTE: Tattoo canvas implantation is a separate purchase.
• Kit includes:
◦ moodInq Wand
◦ Software (Mac and PC)
◦ 2-year membership to moodInq's tattoo art database
• Patent Pending

$149.99 from ThinkGeek

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Programmable Tattoo System
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