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 Best Web Browser

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PostSubject: Best Web Browser   Tue May 07, 2013 4:10 am

I've tested 3 internet browsers: IE 10 (64 bit), Firefox Nightly (64 bit), and Google Chrome.

Result: Use IE10 (64bit) or Nightly

Note: Chrome doesn't make a 64 bit.

I've come to the conclusion that there is no real fastest web browser. All the speeds on these three browsers are blazing fast. You probably wouldn't notice the .1 sec difference that these browsers have. So instead I'll describe how each of them are.

Typical site Loading (with images, gadgets, etc)
IE 10: blank screen -> mostly loaded screen exluding gadgets and ads -> Slower load gadgets and ads
Firefox Nightly: Longer blank screen -> mostly loaded screen exluding gadgets and ads -> Faster load gadgets and ads
Chrome: Shortest Blank screen -> half loaded page -> loads in a downward motion through many points on the page

Whichever type you like depends on you. However, since chrome gets off of blank screen quicker it ends up giving you more time to look at a loading site.

Memory Usage (RBC, youtube, google, and facebook all open at the same time)
IE 10 ~ 180,000k
Nightly ~ 200,000k
Chrome ~ 420,000k

Chrome rapes your computer. IE has the pleasure of being made by microsoft and therefore ofc will have least memory usage. Nightly is just amazing.

Startup and Usability
IE 10: Slower -> Instantly Usable
Nightly: Fast -> Instantly Usable
Chrome: Slowest -> Instantly Usable

IE and Chrome are both pretty slow when it comes to loading. Nightly, for some reason, is really fast.

Images Loading
IE 10: Fastest
Nightly: Slow
Chrome: 2nd fast

IE and Chrome are both pretty good at loading google images. Nightly is weird because it gives you blanks first and then proceeds to load.

Image Scrolling Style
IE 10: Loads in larger chunks slower
Nightly: Loads in smaller chunks faster
Google: Loads seperately

It's like a case of a car with fast accleration vs top speed. IE loads chunks of images really fast, but it causes a break in your viewing pleasure cause there's gaps of loading. Nightly might take long to start up, once you scroll down it almost never stops. The load time for nightly is so fast that there's almost no gap in your viewing pleasure. Chrome takes the individual pic approach and it's actually pretty annoying. You'd have a page full of images with 1-2 blanks loading which forces you to skip and look at the next pic until its done. Backtracking losses the race. As for IE vs Nightly it's all preferance.

The truth is if your video lags, it's not the browser, it's your internet.

Website Compatibility
IE 10: Great
Nightly: Great
Chrome: Good

IE is microsoft. It's the browser people expect you to use. The only times it looses compatibility is when people make their sites incompatible with IE on purpose cause of IE hate. The sites that are incompatible are generally not sites that are that usefull anyways. Nightly is firefox and it's main goal seems to be compatiblity. For whatever reason I almost never run into problems with Firefox except on one foreign website. Chrome has incompatibility issues all the time. I had a problem logging into my school site on Chrome.

IE 10: Run, Save, Save As, etc
Nightly: Save File tells you seconds remaining
Chrome: Save File tells you speed easy to open when done

If there's anything that makes IE worth using it's the way it downloads. Nightly and Chome are kinda good because you can save as, but the options only allow either always default or only save as. Thus being imperfect. Chrome is the second best although run option is avaliable after you complete downloading, it's still annoying because I have to drag my ass into a folder and manually delete it or rearrange it afterwords.

IE 10: Default is the most pain thing ever. Want excitement? Too bad. Only way to change is thrid party skins.
Nightly: Default is slightly better looking than IE. Like a handsome twin brother, but plenty of other themes to choose from.
Chrome: Default is gay. Themes are avaliable, but lags.

IE gives you the nothing look. Hopefully staring at your browser isn't the reason why you the internet. Nightly, being a form of firefox, gives you loads of themes which only effect the top portion of the screen. Otherwise I think it's sleek enough on default. Chrome looks like a child's browser. The oversized, rounded tabs and hard to access menu bar bother the shit out of me. Giving it a theme is sort of like putting makeup on a little girl, it just looks weird. For chrome the full theme is shown when you open a new tab. However you need chrome if you want to change the apperance of Google search. This on the other hand is like giving a plain celebrity makeup and plastic surgery.

IE 10: Lack of.
Nightly: Most
Chrome: Lots

IE 10 has addons, but its going to be much harder to find. Nightly lots of addons. Firefox basically invented the browser addon. You can even rearrange where your icons, search bar, etc are. For the person who wants to have a one of a kind browser Nightly is the way to go. Chrome's extensions are newer, but still pretty good. Unfortunately the extension store is in your face and hard to look at.

IE 10: Avast Adblock atm but Adblockplus on way
Nightly: Adblockplus
Chrome: Adblockplus

If there was any reason not to use IE, it's cause it lacks a good adblock. However, Adblock plus finally gave in and stopped their IE hate enough to make a adblockplus for IE 10. This is no longer going to be an issue and all browsers will be fully compatible with the best free adblock there is.

Typical Users Personalities
IE 10: You're not tech savvy or you like going against the current and are very tech savvy.
Nightly: The most tech savvy people in the universe. Almost all of the users of linux use this.
Chrome: You think you're tech savvy but you aren't or you came before Chrome was cool and missed your stop.

IE 10: Good, fast browser.
Nightly: Good, fast browser.
Chrome: Wait for a 64 bit to come out.

IE 10 improved a lot of the things that were bad before. Now it's one of the fastest. Also it uses the least amount of resources. Nightly is really good. It might be slower in a sense cause of the longer blank screens, but it kicks everyone's ass in terms of customization. Firefox has always been about the addons. Chrome is a confused 32 bit browser, it hogs up your computer so much that you would need to be running 64 bit. To be honest it can't actually compete with the 64 bit browsers despite being fast and in a 32 bit pc itll just use up too much memory and lag.

I believe IE 10 will change everyone's opinions and hopefully get more people to use it. That way IE users don't have to deal with random IE hate from random sitemakers and program makers. Nightly is pretty good, but it's a test build, but no need to worry it just means it's unsupported. It's not like we ever used support anyways. Chrome is a disgusting peice of shit and people should stop using it. Stay away from chrome it has aids and no its not the fastest for using google, IE 10 is... Anyways use IE 10 (64 bit) or Nightly.

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Posts : 544
Join date : 2010-07-13
Age : 26
Location : CA

PostSubject: Re: Best Web Browser   Tue May 07, 2013 4:13 am

On a side note Oprea is very fast if you have a shitty computer.
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Posts : 544
Join date : 2010-07-13
Age : 26
Location : CA

PostSubject: Re: Best Web Browser   Sat May 11, 2013 12:23 am

seems that ie10 is buggy as hell atm. Unless they fix it I think Nightly is by far the best.
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PostSubject: Re: Best Web Browser   

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Best Web Browser
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